The Journey

It is not where you are going that makes the person, but where you’vecome from and how you’ve made the journey, which produces the character within a person. It is therefore of vital importance how you travel on life’sjourney, because it determines what you become, and is extremely interested in what you are becoming, rather than what you have accomplished.

For Mary and I the best journey of our together began on the first Saturday on Spring September 2nd 1961, our wedding day.  Both of us were born in parts of Cape Peninsula, Mary under the shadow of the mountains in Newlands and myself at the food of Constantia mountains in Meadow Ridge. Both of us were born literal on the ‘wrong side of the track’, for it was the Cape Town to Simonstown railway line that formed the buffer strip between ‘white’ and ‘coloured’ South African.

Chris and MaryOur Marriage always formed the earthly cornerstone in our lives. It was the one thing that stood unshakable was never allowed to be threatened. Nothing else came easy but with Christ as our Rock and the home our anchor, we could withstand whatever surprises and dangers the journey produced. Less than six years after that wedding day and with the young kids, ages four, two and two months old, our years as Full-time ministers of the gospel began. I have then, just completed eight years of part time theological studies, and at the age of 30years I began my probation as a minister Port Elizabeth.

The change from a senior managerial position with a large Civil Engineering company, a beautiful home of our own, two cars and cash to spare, to a small to bed room council house in the townships of Port Elizabeth’s windy sand dunes, a R45 per month allowance subject to it been there, and a congregation with a reputation to being pastor’s graveyard, was both traumatic and challenging.

The journey took us through four ways of Leadership in the Eastern Cape, with churches from George in the South to Butterworth in the North, from Humansdorp on the east to Beaufort West in the west. This was followed by five years in Gauteng Province, then known as the Transvaal. Here planted and pastored churches, whilst giving leadership to churches from Rustenburg in the west to Durban in the East, from Vereeniging in the south to Pretoria in the north.

Then it was the journey to Cape Town in 1979 for a further period of four years, and by now I am not only serving as the Cape Regional Leader, but as the vice Moderate of the Apostolic Faith Mission in South Africa.

In 1984 we were called and led to join Evangelist Reinhardt Bonnke, a friend and a colleague for many years. As International Projects Manger, we were assigned the responsibility to plan and coordinate Christ For All Nations’ first International Conference, The Harare Fire Conference. This was the beginning of similar events in Frankfurt, Birmingham, etc.

In 1988 we were led by the Lord to return to South Africa and become instrumental in the building of bridges to cross the ever widening chasm between black and white South African. Christian Accord International was established and for four years we presented a recognised platform from where numerous large ‘Harmony’ events were launched.

In 1991 we were invited by Pastor Ray McCauley to join him, that our efforts could be combined for the purpose of achieving peace and reconciliation in the nation. The next seven years were eventful, challenging and most heartening. From the initial peace initiatives, to the political negotiated settlements, to the first Democratic Elections and beyond.

In 1998,  and at our request we were released from our responsibilities as the Rhema Church Projects Manager and General Secretary to The International Federation of Christians Churches in South Africa.

Since 1998 we have served the broader church in and outside the country with with the events and projects management. This has allowed us to be financially able to do what we found most challenging and rewarding, the Mentoring and Fathering of South Africa’s modern-day young giants in the faith.

Since Mary’s passing in 2013 I continue with this journey full-time. Your prayers and support is therefore extremely crucial to me.


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