We thank you for taking the time to read about our faith venture in God’s direction for our lives, and we would like to take the liberty of inviting you personally, or your church or perhaps your business, to seriously and prayerfully consider ‘Partnering’with us in this crucial initiative.

We are determined to instrumental in reversing the trends in our modern-day society where the morale and sinful abnormalities are set as the norm, where we face a crisis of integrity amongst so many of our political, business and church leaders, and where basic family values are regarded as being’out-dated’.

We strongly believe that the church, led by a new generation of well-mentored young leaders, can and will make a difference. Mary and I would like to make a tangible and meaningful contribution towards this ideal. To do so, we need you to stand with us in ‘Partnership’, to strengthen us with your prayers and give us your financial support. By doing so, you will empower us for the purpose to which we have been called.

In ‘Partnering’ with us, you will become a valuable team member of this much needed ministry initiative, and we will ensure that you are kept well informed of all our activities.

For the convenience of our friends, both in an outside the country, we have created the following banking facilities

South Africa: ABSA Bank
Table View Branch – 632005
Account Name: CPM Lodewyk
Account Number: 4057547574
United Kingdom: HSBC Bank
Brislington Branch – Bristol
Account Name: Christian P. Lodewyk
Account Number: 41351354
Sort Code: 401406
United States of America: Bank of America
35 Broad Street, Atlanta.GA 30303
Account Name: Christian P. Lodewyk
Account Number: 003346732194


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