Ministerial Profile

Dr. Christian P. Lodewyk, who in previous years served as a Vice Moderator in the Apostolic Faith Missions of SA – the country´s largest Pentecostal movement – and Secretary General to the International Federation of Christian Churches (IFCC), now serves his native country, South Africa, and countries abroad.

  • Chairman of the African Christian Leaders Forum (ACLEF)
  • President of Dia´ Phoros Leadership Academy in Africa
  • Chairman of the Indawo Yoyolo Foundation for HIV/AIDS orphans
  • President of the Friends of South Africa Foundation in the USA
  • Honorary President of the Association of Independent Ministries Int´l (AIM Int´l) in the UK
  • Executive member of the South African Christian Leaders Assembly (SACLA)
  • Chairman of The South African Sport Coalition for the 2010 Soccer World Cup
  • Director – Participant Services of the Cape Town 2010 Lausanne III Global Congress
  • Director – Participant Services of the GDOP Global Summit in 2010
  • Director – Board for Sports for Christ Action South Africa (SCAS)


He further serves as Chairman and Executive Member of various Trusts, Foundations and Organizations in South Africa. He is an internationally renowned conference speaker and ministers regularly in countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the USA.

Dr. Lodewyk has been engaged at government level in conflict resolution initiatives in Africa, Northern Ireland and Australia.

In South Africa, Chris and his dedicated staff spent the past 18 years actively involved in building bridges of reconciliation in his strife-torn country, and were responsible for the planning of “Harmony `90″ during March 1990.

This unique and historic event in SA, brought together almost 50,000 Christians from all denominations, cultures and races, and was telecast live on two of the major secular TV stations in the country. The 1990 event was followed by the 1991 “Harmony Safari”, which brought together almost all of South Africa´s leading Christian Artists and prominent international Sports Personalities, in one of the nations´ most far reaching “Christians for Peace” exercises ever seen. Over 200,000 people in 20 cities and towns witnessed this momentous occasion.

Chris played a key role in the South African Christian Leaders´ Summits, which were initiated by the President and brought together for the first time in our history the Evangelicals, Charismatic and the member churches of the SA Council of Churches.

He was the Charismatic and Pentecostal representative on the Dispute Resolutions Committee (DRC), which was the “Peace Accord” vehicle in handling disputes and monitoring the violence in South Africa. The DRC was the body, which facilitated in the United Nations Monitoring Teams.

He was an Executive and Founding Member of the “Victims of Violence Trust”, which was one of Southern Africa´s largest independent and non-political Trusts, an executive Council Member of the “National Peace Campaign”, a Member of the “Regional Peace Committee”, a Member of the “Democracy Education Broadcast Initiative” (DEBI), a Member of the “Panel of Religious Leaders for Electoral Justice”, an active Mediation Facilitator during the sensitive pre-election negotiations, and Official Monitor of the 1994 General Elections and National Co-ordinator of the special task group of leaders who served as inspectors at all Election Counting Stations in the country.

Chris has been seconded to State and Ecumenical Projects, such as the Rwanda emergency Relief Effort – “Operation Mercy”, the religious aspects of the Presidential Inauguration, etc.

He is the author of the book “Love in a Hate Situation”, which has been distributed in the USA, UK and Germany. The same publication has been translated into Norwegian and distributed in Scandinavia.

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