Foreword by Dr. Frank Chikane

Dr. Frank ChikaneSince I came to know Pastor Chris Lodewyk he remained my Elder Brother in the Lord and was always and at all times ahead of me given the advantage of age. He gave himself to the Lord when I was about one year old and by the time I became a pastor he was already miles ahead and acquired a wealth of experience in the ministry and in life. Having interacted with him at various times and observed him from a distance and in close range one cannot but marvel at this life that has been well lived – a life from which great lessons can be learned.

He had humble beginnings in the Wynberg AFM church called Tenby Hall starting from Sunday school, Youth, and leadership of the Assembly and ultimately became a Pastor within the AFM. As a pastor he climbed the ladder into the top leadership of the then ‘Coloured’ AFM church and became part of the struggle to end the racial divisions within the church. In this regard history will show that he is one of those who have not been honoured or recognised by the AFM having now united into one non-racial Church.

From there he became an Apostle to the whole Church of Christ and served the Church and the people of South Africa in different capacities. He helped organise or participated in critical conferences like SACLA; the SA Renewal Conferences; Consultation 89; and Harmony 90 Event among others. He was involved in peace and reconciliation process in the form of the peace structures born out of the Peace Accord of the 1990s during the transition period from apartheid to a non-racial, non-sexist, just democratic South Africa. He also participated in the Electoral Justice Committee; acted as an election monitor; and assisted as part of the churches in saving the elections in 1994.

His ministry went beyond the borders of South Africa. It included getting involved in “Operation Mercy” to assist Rwandans after the genocide in 1994, ending up as part of the Rwanda Reconciliation Initiative. He has travelled widely as an itinerate minister and participated in international conferences and events which advanced the Kingdom of the Lord. Whenever there was a major international conference you were sure to find him there as the key organiser. Lately, he was part of the facilitators of the Empowered21 movement which is growing internationally and on the African continent. He is now involved mentoring young leaders in South Africa, Africa and abroad.

With all this experience I believe that Reverend Lodewyk’s life, ministry and service must be a school from which we can learn and his biography is the best source from which one can follow his life and experiences as the minister of the Gospel.

I recommend the Book and hope and pray that it changes many lives and prepare us for new challenges we may follow into the future.
Dr. Frank Chikane
(Pastor of the AFM in Soweto; President of the AFM International; and Co-Chair of Empowered21 Africa)

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