Endorsement – Martin Kuscus

Martin KuscusOn a daily basis, we take note of countless incidences where trust is being betrayed and values are expediently cast aside in a very subtle way, by very influential people in society.

To say that we have a credibility crisis in leadership, will be an understatement. It is so comforting to know that there are still people like Oom Chris Lodewyk, who stands out as one of that rare breed of leaders that I have come to trust, admire and respect for his impeccable character. He has distinguished himself as a statesman in Kingdom circles, a trusted advisor and mentor to many key individuals and a proud father to his family.

At a personal level he continues to stretch my mind, affirm my dreams and seek after God with me.

I trust that readers will draw inspiration from the life experiences of Oom Chris and digest the principles that informed his journey thus far, with enthusiasm and implement it with courage.

Martin Kuscus
Former MEC for Finance – North West Government, business leader, coach and mentor.


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